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Marlo Saucedo

I’m interested in the internal and external, mind and matter, presenting in my work an interior at a close distance, like the stories we hold within ourselves, and a separate exterior from further away.

Experiences as a journalist and a lifetime love of the written word influence my work. I work in visual art narrative, incorporating a narrative in English, French or Spanish to tell a story or impart written information as a visual ink/acrylic/paper on board or canvas.

Glassell Jr. School scholarship classes at Houston Museum of Fine Arts were my introduction to art. I left my hometown for college and graduate school degrees in other cities, returning to a vibrant arts community where I’m excited to be involved. My work is created in the light of a north-facing window in a home surrounded by woods outside of the city, and exhibited in a studio/gallery in the dynamic Sawyer Yards artist community. 

Photo credit: Bohemian Photography