M.D. Anderson

Commissioned work in progress for the new M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in League City. Two 30x40" pieces will be based on the Cancer Moon Shots Program, which aims to make a giant leap for patients in the search to find a cure for 13 different types of cancers.

AncesTree Project

Community Art: I am commissioned by the Woodlands Arts Council to incorporate memories, traditions, cultures and heritages written by neighbors in the community on paper leaves at separate cultural and heritage events in The Woodlands into a large painting of a tree created out of everyone's words.


Houston Methodist

Houston Methodist The Woodlands, as a new Houston Methodist hospital location, commissioned a triptych in 2017 with all of their new employees' signatures. Each of their 500 employees and staff members signed one of these trees. The hospital's mission statement and goals are woven into the remaining positive space.